Email Marketing

Targeted Email Marketing Campaigns

Email marketing is a relatively low-cost way to communicate with both clients and prospects. You can keep them informed of what products and services you have to offer. Particularly seasonal services such as Christmas, Summer, Easter etc.

We can design you an eye-catching email using your logo and branding and images that are relevant to your specific campaign.

We then build the email before sending it out on your behalf to your contacts, from 10s to 1000s.

We use a specialised email marketing package which sends out individual emails, not just one email with a large list of people all copied-in or blind copied. In this way the email has far more of chance of passing the tests employed by spam filters and hence will get your message delivered.

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Campaign Management

Using the email marketing software we can then manage your email marketing campaign by letting you know all sorts of statistics such as:

  • Who opened the email
  • How many times did they open it
  • Did they click on links through to your website
  • Which emails bounced

This will allow you to follow up the emails should you wish to do so with a call to the people who opened it more than once for instance.

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